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Property Invest for Property Management…!

As Property Invest, we have established ourselves in a unique position in the Turkish real estate market. Our company is based at the centre of Istanbul. We are able to offer a wealth of experience in the sector with over 25 years of market knowledge and priceless data.

By utilizing the latest innovative, proven methods in marketing, and listing properties, we have access to the latest and most desirable new and resale luxury homes, residential communities, development sites, land purchases, commercial and investment opportunities.

Working directly with recognized business partners, including banks, accredited lawyers, and accountants, we provide the security and reassurance that is necessary when purchasing any property in Turkey.

We maintain a full-time multi language staff of well-trained real estate professionals who strive to provide top quality service for their individual customers and partners.

Providing a complete service from the initial property search to the completion of the purchase is just part of the service whether for buying or selling.

There are many challenges of buying property abroad. We know the difficulties of relocating to an unfamiliar city. Our desire is to help our clients respond to these challenges.

During your purchase:

 Our main interest is to guide you through the purchase process from start to finish, all paperwork, including TAPU (title deed) transfer, opening a bank account, acquiring a tax number and liaising with your lawyer.


After sales:

 Our objective is to meet your expectations by offering a set of special services such as:

  • Moving in to your property
  • Furnishing and decorating your new home
  • Property management
  • Rental management… etc.

Property management:


If you’re renting your property, we’ll find reliable tenants, ensuring all relevant checks are carried out to ensure your property will be in great hands. We’ll act as a point of contact for your tenants, arranging maintenance and overseeing rental payments, while keeping you informed with regular updates. To sum up, our activities include:

  • Receive rent payment
  • Deposit rent received
  • Send reminder of late payment
  • Charge late fee
  • Initiate collection process for delinquent accounts
  • Maintain the facilities
  • Maintain exterior environment
  • Open tickets for maintenance services
  • Perform maintenance activity
  • Account for maintenance hours and item charges
  • Close maintenance tickets
  • Conduct tenant satisfaction surveys
  • Increase tenant engagement
  • Seek referrals from tenant


Please CONTACT us with your specific needs to find out our fees and more:

+90 555 883  31 95